Tranzacct is an internal Web application used by Camden transport officers to manage applications for services like Freedom Passes and Blue Badges.

Project Details

Project Story

After completing the C.A.P program I was contracted by another Camden team to re-design Tranzacct. The key problem with Tranzacct was that it was not intuitive to use, difficult to learn, and in large parts meaningless to its users due to irrelevant content, convoluted user journeys and lots of development jargon.


I was tasked to make this application easier and more intuitive to use. The brief was to:

  1. Simplify user journeys and page layouts to optimise completion time and reduce errors
  2. Integrate a range of new features
  3. Create a useful dashboard landing page
  4. Design a complementary mobile app that manages communication between Camden officers and drivers for accessible transport services.


In order to understand how the application works, I stepped into the shoes of a council officer and followed the key journeys end-to-end. I summarized findings in a heuristic UX review describing areas that should be improved.

I then conducted interviews and did participant observation of the three different user groups for this application: managers, transport officers and occupational therapists. Based on this research I was able to formulate user needs and identify key pain points.

Considering needs and requirements, I sketched out improved user journeys, flow charts, and key screens of the application. Aim was to reduce user effort and improve the overall performance.

Teamed up with a front-end developer and a pattern library in place, we were able to quickly build a clickable prototype of the main user journey. Presenting this prototype in stakeholder workshops gave us immediate feedback, which helped to improve and develop the prototype further and include more user journeys.

I was also tasked to design a mobile application for drivers who assist people with mobility issues. The application would help drivers with their daily journeys to pick up a group of passengers, send data back to the back office, and pull data in from Tranzacct in case of a passenger emergency.

Following a similar process as for Tranzacct (gathering insight into user needs, mocking up and iteratively developing key journeys), I completed the app design together with the Tranzacct application design.


Tranzacct is currently being built. Based on user and stakeholder feedback, the redesign was successful and will make the application easier to use and improve overall performance.

The clickable prototype can be accessed online: Accessible transport prototype
Username: any
Password: any

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