As part of my role at Digitas/LBi I spent a short time with the user research team to engage with research methods and to be exposed to user insight first hand.

Project Details

  • Client: DigitasLBi / Honda
  • Date: April 2012

Project Story

Digitas/LBi had just won the Honda account and a massive redesign project was about to start. The Honda personas, delivered by its previous agency, had to be reviewed and made fit for the purpose of the new design work.


The lead researcher asked me to review the existing personas and to summarise shortcomings and opportunities for making the personas richer and useful for the design project.


I evaluated the existing personas based on best practice for creating personas:

  1. Based on data, not on stereotypes
  2. Relevant to the product
  3. Prioritised and different enough
  4. Be engaging and memorable

Below are some highlighted points from my evaluation report:

  1. Each persona should have a photograph of a real person (or a sketch of a person). Silhouettes lack key identifiable features that would bring the persona to life. Also all the males share the same silhouette image which works against the idea of having a meaningful set of different personas.
  2. It is not clear who is the primary persona, who is the secondary persona. At the moment all personas are equally ranked.
  3. Information of the personas heavily relies on text, which makes the result one dimensional and difficult to grasp and memorize. Some graphical forms, or use of logos would add more character and make them quicker to read.
  4. There is no personal voice in the personas. Using actual statements would add character and give a voice to the persona.
  5. The layout of the elements of the personas offers no visual stimulation or variety to make them unique, easy identifiable and memorable. We don’t get an idea of the person.


Findings from my evaluation helped the research team to identify gaps and to improve the Honda personas where needed.

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