Project Details

  • Client: DigitasLBi / Lloyds TSB
  • Date: January 2013

Project Story

I joined the UX team at DigitasLBi as a junior UX. At that time, Lloyds TSB was one of their biggest clients, almost 20 UX designers were working across different projects of the Lloyds Banking group. I was initially hired to help the build support team, handling change requests of the various project streams and also preparing pages for the baseline merge process (baseline: all wireframes that reflect the live site). I also worked on the Lloyds pattern library, making regular additions and updates. Another project I was involved in I was the design of loan services, a new service to be added to personal online banking.


I was tasked to design an experience architecture framework for online loan servicing and to assist the lead UX during implementation. My brief was to:

  1. Consider in-scope functions as outlined in the customer proposition, e.g. Early loan settlement, Payment holiday, Loan overpayment, and Loan overview
  2. Integrate the service seamlessly into existing IB architecture
  3. Focus on quality user experience


I reviewed user journeys and pages of similar propositions in Lloyds Online Banking as well as examples of competitors. This helped me to get a deeper understanding of experience opportunities and challenges e.g. possible pain points. I sketched out a number of alternative solutions, presented and discussed them with the lead UX, iterated upon feedback, and produced wireframes (Axure) of the approx. 20 pages in the required Lloyds format. Pages included Loan summary, loan overpayment and holiday, early loan settlement, statement and help & support pages.

My exposure to the Lloyds pattern library was extremely helpful in understanding existing build components.

Plus, being part of the LBi family gave me the opportunity to discuss and further develop ideas with other UX designers who have been working on related projects.


I managed to successfully design a new online banking service and integrate it into the existing experience architecture. I addressed the requirements in a user-centred way by providing consistent journey and interaction patterns, and by removing any potential blockers for completing a journey successfully.

The set of wireframes were the basis for discussing the implementation of loan servicing with the business. Due to prioritisation of other work streams, the development of loan servicing was put on hold during my remaining time in the Lloyds team at LBi.

About Me

I am Creative

Being creative is about finding the right solution for a problem. I am a curious man, can’t help that, and I love challenges. That’s why I did a Phd after all. I love UX as it challenges my brain all the time. That's my secret: UX keeps me fresh!

I am Friendly

A good cup of tea and a friendly smile is a great way to start a project! OK add a few cookies in the mix. Great solutions come from good discussions and good connections and what better way to do this with a smilie face. Let’s do it!

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