Project Details

  • Client: Spark44 / Jaguar Land Rover
  • Date: January 2017

Project Story

Jaguar (JDX) and Land Rover (LRDX) are exclusive luxury brands. Their cars are often considered to be rather unaffordable. The offers and finance sections aim to change this perception. They provide customers with information about different financial offers and products, and help them to acquire their dream car.


Currently, the finance sections for Jaguar and Land Rover differ considerably from market to market. In order to improve the experience for customers, the client briefed spark44 to create templates with consistent styles and guidelines for their local authors.

Both Jaguar and Land Rover have three different types of markets that needed to be accommodated for:

  1. Markets with finance offers and finance calculator,
  2. Markets with finance offers and no finance calculator, and
  3. Markets with no finance offers and no finance calculator.

I was asked to provide a set of wireframes for each market type and for both brands.


I picked up this project half-way from another UX designer. In that initial phase, the finance and offers section architecture was agreed with the client. The agreed structure included

  1. an overview page;
  2. a personal offers page;
  3. a business offers page;
  4. and other pages for the finance calculator and the finance products.

My task was to improve the layouts, find ways to communicate the offers for the different markets, and identify any gaps and problems.

My task was to improve the layouts, find ways to communicate the offers for the different markets, and identify any gaps and problems.

Then I reviewed the new suggested architecture of the finance pages. I identified the issue that financial information of cars would be disjointed from the car “nameplate” pages, which are the most frequently visited pages on the site. I recommended that visitors of a name plate page should not be taken to another section when they were interested to see offers for this model. Instead, specific model offers should be shown in context of the page that presents this car. Also if a user explores the offers and finance pages they should be provided with a link to the related nameplate page to see videos, images and information about this vehicle.

Below are examples of a Jaguar market that has both finance offer and finance calculator.

The offers and finance overview page

The personal offers page

The nameplate offer page


The project went through a number of review phases with feedback from the different stakeholders and from my managers. This helped me to define an improved experience and to deliver iterated wireframes that were ready for build sprints.

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