Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) are brands driven by technology and innovation. They always explore new ideas to improve the experience of their customers. The updates and designs of the sites focus on the need of their customers. Using a personalisation algorithm to improve the user experience and to help users finding what they are looking for is an example for this brand promise.

Project Details

  • Client: Spark44 / Jaguar Land Rover
  • Date: March 2017

Project Story

JLR have explored ways to personalise their websites in order to deliver a bespoke experience to their customers. They asked us to create scenarios that could be used to test the success of a personalisation algorithm.


The brief focused mainly on the CTA strategy and a number of components we use on the pages. How could those be customised? What could we offer as part of a personalised user experience?

  1. Create a set of user test scenarios to explore how a personalisation algorithm could work.
  2. Explore in which markets these tests should run
  3. Identify on what devices the tests should run.


I suggested to run tests on the biggest markets, the most popular devices of each market, and include the most popular pages of typical user journeys. Success of the algorithm would be determined by increase of the conversation rate for e.g. booking a test drive.

I designed 10 Jaguar and 10 Land Rover scenarios, based on data supplied from the analytics team. I created individual cards for each test scenario to help the client decide which scenario to use. Below is an example of how a scenario card looks like.

After presenting the scenarios, the client decided to focus on Land Rover on the German market, as it provides the best conditions to run a test. The client also requested further test scenarios of edge cases in order to understand the limitations of the algorithm.

I sketched 12 more test scenarios using post-it notes for every personalised component we want to introduce on a page. The scamps received very positive feedback as they communicated clearly the new requirements. I then produced wireframes that showed more details and could be shared with the teams and the AB testers.


I delivered two sets of user test scenarios to the client that will be used to determine the success of a personalisation algorithm.

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